Tuesday, May 24, 2016

1 bad habit gone!

Sheesh!  What a busy time I've found myself in!  End of school year, prepping for next school year, ballet recitals, yard work, house work and a bus load of kids and critters to love on!  I still am full of energy and now have a bit of funky spunk returning to this old girl!  With all the aforementioned daily stuff I had the good fortune to attend the annual Wildflower Music Festival in Richardson this past weekend.  I partied and danced the night away (2 nights in a row) and had a blast!  Frampton is still amazing, Guess Who, Dennis DeYoung of Styx and Survivor were all super fun!  Hmmm, are they drinking Pink?

Oh yeah, back to the title up there.  "1 bad habit gone" should probably be "1 bad lifestyle gone"!  I'm proud to say that after 30 years of a serious soda habit, I've not had even a sip since I began drinking my Plexus Slim!  More importantly, I don't even want one.  Yea me!  Oh, and that death spiral sugar habit - gone!


Feeling great!  I'll do a video soon so you can see the progress with your own eyes!

Have I mentioned my upcoming 40 year class reunion for Amon Carter Riverside?  Another reason to stay the course.

Ready to join me?  Click here to get yours!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

cleared for take off

Hey y'all,  I'm still here.  Sorry about the slow down but the dizziness got too much so I went to visit my doctor.  She says my dizziness is very likely a positional issue involving the tiny crystals in my inner ear.  Who knew?  I sparkle from the inside out! ;-)

Anyway, I've been given a few "head" exercises that she says will put me right.

Included in my doc visit was my annual physical.  This will be interesting to get my lab results so early in my Plexus journey and then go back in 90 days and repeat the labs to compare!

So... I've been cleared for take off!  I'll go back to my BioClense and ProBio 5 tomorrow.

Oh yeah.  One more thing.  I couldn't have my Pink Drink this morning due to fasting for lab work and my behind was dragging all day and I was back to a constant yawn from 2pm till bedtime.

I'm really looking forward to my boosting Pink Drink in the A.M.

Monday, May 16, 2016

2 weeks update

It's been two weeks since beginning my Pink Drink.  I've completely broken my soda habit!  Hooray! I have loads of energy!  Hooray!  I've lost 8 pounds!  Hooray?

And now the not so good news.  I've become extremely dizzy.  It began when I started the Plexus BioClense and ProBio 5.  I continued taking the BioClense increasing up to 4 capsules daily and the dizziness seemed to increase.  So I discontinued the BioClense and ProBio 5.  But,  there's a very good chance I have an ear infection causing the dizziness.  Also, I should disclose that I have frequent bouts of dizziness.  I will be seeing my doctor Wednesday and hope to discover an ear infection.  Either way, I will post truthfully.

Until then, Drink Pink!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

It's Real Y'all!

Alrighty!  Here's the good news!  I'm down a jeans size!  Hallelujah!  In pounds, I've only lost 5.  Wait... let me try that again.  I've lost 5 big pounds in one week drinking my Pink Drink!  That's Awesome!  More Awesome, I feel GREAT!  I'm playing more with all the littles and not quite so grumpy with the bigs!

Not quite as good news.  I've started the BioClense and ProBio 5 and easing into them as recommended by the lovely Jenni Ozella.  On the second day I did experience some of the unsettling flu like symptoms.  That said, today is Day 3 on the BioClense/ProBio 5 and I'm back to great again! Just one uncomfortable day.  Now onto Greatness!

Friday, May 6, 2016

good day

Another really good day!  Went to Taco Bueno with the family.  Only ate half a quesadilla and was very satisfied and didn't even want a soda.

Confidence building!

uh oh.  gotta say it,

Thursday, May 5, 2016

addressing the cost

I was thinking about the cost of Plexus today.  If you get the triple threat, Tri-Plex, you'll spend about  $140 bucks a month.  Knee jerk reaction, "I can't spend an extra $140 bucks a month!".  But wait.  Let's stop and think.  First let's consider how much good health is worth.  Well, priceless of course.  Next let's think  about how much I already spend to hurt my health.  Ouch.  This is painful.  Since I'm the willing guinea pig here, we'll use my (very) bad habits for our equation.

I spend - on average - $2.80 daily for my away from home Diet Coke.
Another $5 week for home Diet Coke.
I spend another $5 seven days a week for sweet "treats"  i.e. donuts, McD apple pie, Butterfinger, etc.  (truth hurts).

OK, let's add it up.  2.80 x 7=  $19.60
                               5.00 x 7 =  $35.00

                                            =  $59.60  per week spent on junk!

                          x 4 weeks  = $238.40 each month

Holy Cow!  Plexus is saving me money!  My Pink Drink balances blood sugar and kills my cravings so I don't want any of this junk!

I can't afford not to do this.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

pixie dust

Close of Day 3 and a couple of observations to note:

I am Diet Coke free and feel good.

I am french fry and candy free and feel good.

I know everyone said it would get rid of my cravings but this quickly?

I'm starting to understand the power of the Pink Drink and how it balances blood sugar.

Oddly, I'm not crying.  I thought about it last night but didn't really feel like it.  I know that one sounds strange but I've been so depressed the last three years that every day has some sob time for me.  Except the last two.  Hmmm.

And... trumpets sound here... I'm sleeping!  A lot!  I usually get 3-4 hours a night.  The last two nights I'm out by 10pm and wake between 6:15 and 6:30am.  Awesome.

Alrighty, march on!  I'm thinking that my Pink Drink just may be filled with magic pixie dust!

Tomorrow I add on Bio Cleanse and Pro Bio 5.  Stay tuned!

Oh yeah.  If you're ready to join me in this experiment, click on the link above or send me a message. I think I'm onto something wonderful!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

a little lime

Wow!  Just a squeeze lime makes all the difference!

I made my pink drink the same as yesterday but cut a lime in half.  Squeezed and dropped the half lime into my Pink Drink.  Now we've got something good!

Monday, May 2, 2016

pink drink

Well, today was my day to begin this journey in earnest.  I mixed my drink per my sponsor's instructions.  I put about 2 oz of warm water in a mug and mixed thououghly.  Then I poured it over my much loved crushed ice and added 16 oz of cold water.

Now I have to honest here as promised.

I do NOT like the taste!

It tastes like oversweet crystal lite.  ick.  

Now, I should tell you I'm truly addicted to Diet Coke.
I like the acidic bite.  I like the sharpness of it.

So to drink something that's so sweet was a challenge.

So ... undeterred here's my plan.
I'll mix it the same but add lemon juice and maybe a little more water.

Having said all that;  I feel great!  I've had none of my beloved diet Coke.  No french fries, burgers, or donuts.  Yea me!  (hmm, just realized I don't have my familiar withdrawal headache).

What I did have was a yummy green salad, clementine, gluten free granola bar, coconut greek yogurt, hard boiled egg, grapefruit juice, meatloaf, mashed potato and tomato soup. Yum!  I feel full and satisfied.  

Day 1 is a success!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

saddle up.

beginning tomorrow morning.

what if this really does change everything?


Friday, April 29, 2016

fixer upper.

While waiting on my first Plexus tri pack to arrive, I thought I might put to paper (digitally speaking) what I hope to improve while I put Plexus to the test.

So following is my 'fixer upper' punch list I will be addressing.

weight reduction - somehow this is always in my list.

break sugar addiction - ditto.

reduce inflammation - each morning when I wake up my hands are so inflamed I can't close my fingers.  Then they ache throughout the day.  I'm also having increasing problems with dropping things.  Frustrating.  These stiff hands just aren't able to behave the way they did just a few months back.  My fingers tend to cramp painfully since the Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) diagnosis a few years back (of which I'm still in denial) and if I'm being honest here - is even getting a bit uncomfortable to drive for long periods of time.  Sad.

sleep - really sleep.

IBS - ugh.  Want it gone.

thyroid - I've been on very large doses of synthroid for 30 years (175mcg) and still have a plethora of symptoms of low thyroid.  Brittle, dry hair and nails, dry eyes, weight gain.  I fear this is asking for too much but what if it does improve?  Worth trying.

depression - that's my big one.  yup.  even more than the weight.  i'm weary of the ups and downs (mostly downs) of depression.  I've read testimonials where Plexus has decreased or even ended depression for others.  please be real.  this would be everything.

Here is my promise.  I will be real.  
If these issues improve for me, I will tell you. 
If they do not improve, I will tell you.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

one more bloom

hurumph. Or as one well know time traveller put it, "Great Scott!". Where has the time gone? Did I fix my fat issue? Did I get strong? um. no. In fact, I've gained 2 years and 6 pounds. defeated. Not just yet, Cowpokes. I've got one more bloom of hope in my flower trog. Plexus. Just ordered it. I'll post progress here along with a monthly video update. Saddle up. Let's ride.