Tuesday, May 24, 2016

1 bad habit gone!

Sheesh!  What a busy time I've found myself in!  End of school year, prepping for next school year, ballet recitals, yard work, house work and a bus load of kids and critters to love on!  I still am full of energy and now have a bit of funky spunk returning to this old girl!  With all the aforementioned daily stuff I had the good fortune to attend the annual Wildflower Music Festival in Richardson this past weekend.  I partied and danced the night away (2 nights in a row) and had a blast!  Frampton is still amazing, Guess Who, Dennis DeYoung of Styx and Survivor were all super fun!  Hmmm, are they drinking Pink?

Oh yeah, back to the title up there.  "1 bad habit gone" should probably be "1 bad lifestyle gone"!  I'm proud to say that after 30 years of a serious soda habit, I've not had even a sip since I began drinking my Plexus Slim!  More importantly, I don't even want one.  Yea me!  Oh, and that death spiral sugar habit - gone!


Feeling great!  I'll do a video soon so you can see the progress with your own eyes!

Have I mentioned my upcoming 40 year class reunion for Amon Carter Riverside?  Another reason to stay the course.

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