Wednesday, May 18, 2016

cleared for take off

Hey y'all,  I'm still here.  Sorry about the slow down but the dizziness got too much so I went to visit my doctor.  She says my dizziness is very likely a positional issue involving the tiny crystals in my inner ear.  Who knew?  I sparkle from the inside out! ;-)

Anyway, I've been given a few "head" exercises that she says will put me right.

Included in my doc visit was my annual physical.  This will be interesting to get my lab results so early in my Plexus journey and then go back in 90 days and repeat the labs to compare!

So... I've been cleared for take off!  I'll go back to my BioClense and ProBio 5 tomorrow.

Oh yeah.  One more thing.  I couldn't have my Pink Drink this morning due to fasting for lab work and my behind was dragging all day and I was back to a constant yawn from 2pm till bedtime.

I'm really looking forward to my boosting Pink Drink in the A.M.

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