Monday, May 2, 2016

pink drink

Well, today was my day to begin this journey in earnest.  I mixed my drink per my sponsor's instructions.  I put about 2 oz of warm water in a mug and mixed thououghly.  Then I poured it over my much loved crushed ice and added 16 oz of cold water.

Now I have to honest here as promised.

I do NOT like the taste!

It tastes like oversweet crystal lite.  ick.  

Now, I should tell you I'm truly addicted to Diet Coke.
I like the acidic bite.  I like the sharpness of it.

So to drink something that's so sweet was a challenge.

So ... undeterred here's my plan.
I'll mix it the same but add lemon juice and maybe a little more water.

Having said all that;  I feel great!  I've had none of my beloved diet Coke.  No french fries, burgers, or donuts.  Yea me!  (hmm, just realized I don't have my familiar withdrawal headache).

What I did have was a yummy green salad, clementine, gluten free granola bar, coconut greek yogurt, hard boiled egg, grapefruit juice, meatloaf, mashed potato and tomato soup. Yum!  I feel full and satisfied.  

Day 1 is a success!