Thursday, May 5, 2016

addressing the cost

I was thinking about the cost of Plexus today.  If you get the triple threat, Tri-Plex, you'll spend about  $140 bucks a month.  Knee jerk reaction, "I can't spend an extra $140 bucks a month!".  But wait.  Let's stop and think.  First let's consider how much good health is worth.  Well, priceless of course.  Next let's think  about how much I already spend to hurt my health.  Ouch.  This is painful.  Since I'm the willing guinea pig here, we'll use my (very) bad habits for our equation.

I spend - on average - $2.80 daily for my away from home Diet Coke.
Another $5 week for home Diet Coke.
I spend another $5 seven days a week for sweet "treats"  i.e. donuts, McD apple pie, Butterfinger, etc.  (truth hurts).

OK, let's add it up.  2.80 x 7=  $19.60
                               5.00 x 7 =  $35.00

                                            =  $59.60  per week spent on junk!

                          x 4 weeks  = $238.40 each month

Holy Cow!  Plexus is saving me money!  My Pink Drink balances blood sugar and kills my cravings so I don't want any of this junk!

I can't afford not to do this.

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