Tuesday, May 10, 2016

It's Real Y'all!

Alrighty!  Here's the good news!  I'm down a jeans size!  Hallelujah!  In pounds, I've only lost 5.  Wait... let me try that again.  I've lost 5 big pounds in one week drinking my Pink Drink!  That's Awesome!  More Awesome, I feel GREAT!  I'm playing more with all the littles and not quite so grumpy with the bigs!

Not quite as good news.  I've started the BioClense and ProBio 5 and easing into them as recommended by the lovely Jenni Ozella.  On the second day I did experience some of the unsettling flu like symptoms.  That said, today is Day 3 on the BioClense/ProBio 5 and I'm back to great again! Just one uncomfortable day.  Now onto Greatness!

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  1. That's awesome LaRita! It only gets better from here yay!