Monday, May 16, 2016

2 weeks update

It's been two weeks since beginning my Pink Drink.  I've completely broken my soda habit!  Hooray! I have loads of energy!  Hooray!  I've lost 8 pounds!  Hooray?

And now the not so good news.  I've become extremely dizzy.  It began when I started the Plexus BioClense and ProBio 5.  I continued taking the BioClense increasing up to 4 capsules daily and the dizziness seemed to increase.  So I discontinued the BioClense and ProBio 5.  But,  there's a very good chance I have an ear infection causing the dizziness.  Also, I should disclose that I have frequent bouts of dizziness.  I will be seeing my doctor Wednesday and hope to discover an ear infection.  Either way, I will post truthfully.

Until then, Drink Pink!

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